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Core Aeration
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Aeration defined:

Over time, the soil condition of your lawn can become compacted. This can occur from normal usage or can occur as a result of construction for new homes. Aeration of lawns with compacted soil, will facilitate a more efficient usage of water and fertilizer applied to your lawn. 

Aeration is typically achieved by using a machine which removes plugs of soil from the lawn. This allows water and fertilizer to be absorbed more readily and thus improves the health and beauty of your lawn. A byproduct of aeration is the reduction of thatch  and associated problems. 

There are many benefits of aeration:

 Water and Fertilizer can be used more efficiently by your lawn

 Thatch will be minimized

 Grass roots can grow deeper and healthier

 Soil compaction is reduced

 Improved lawn health

 Improved lawn appearance

 Ability of lawn to withstand more activity

After the aeration process, your lawn will require less watering. In addition, it will look better and be healthier. As such, it will withstand drier conditions without deteriorating as quickly as before. 

What occurs when we aerate? 

Small plugs are removed from the soil and will remain on the turf. Over the next 2 weeks, these plugs will deteriorate due to rainfall or normal watering.

What occurs next? 

Within 2 weeks,  you will see a healthier more beautiful lawn developing as a result of additional absorption of water and oxygen in the roots and soil.

The Plugs! 

Within 2 weeks,  the plugs deteriorate due to rainfall or normal watering.


The Equipment! 

We use only the best equipment to achieve superior results for your lawn.


Benefits of Seeding and Aeration Together:

Planting additional grass seed into your existing lawn is called over seeding. Post aeration over seeding is a great way to enhance your lawn. The newly sewn seeds can take advantage of the aeration process to more rapidly fill in bare spots and thicken existing turf. 

An additional aspect of over seeding, is to add alternate varieties of grass. This may be necessary, if we determine that your existing lawn is of a variety which is more susceptible to certain diseases or insects in your locality. Over seeding, in this case, can be done without guesswork. We utilize alternate or newer  varieties of seed which are known to help with these issues. This is possible through research, and we invite you to see our research page.  (See research fields test plots)

Seeding at the time of aeration will make your lawn healthier, more beautiful, and more durable allowing more activity without the usual signs of wear. 

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